Indoor Vehicle Storage - Junction City - Fort Riley - Manhattan

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We felt it was time to have a new identity and focus on the car storage part of our business. We love being able to serve the military, and return the favor for their serving us. We don't just serve the military; we serve the civilian community as well.

We provide excellent service. Our new automation of checking in and dropping off is geared to convenience of our customers, who may have to leave on a deployment at the last minute. Our valet service is just a caveat of storing your automobile with us. But don't think that our service is just for autos, it extends to other vehicles as well. We have space enough for motor homes, campers, boats and motorcycles. Just give us a call and we can get your vehicle stored at a price that is easy on the pocketbook! 

You will see that our testimonials speak highly of our integrity and our service. We are "hands on" and have met many of our customers. Our staff has been in contact with many of our customers as well, and has received compliments for their service to the public as well.

Your car will be parked inside after your drop off and directions for making payments and an online billing statement will be sent to your email.  We know that your time and access to a computer may be limited - so don’t worry about late charges - we don’t charge them because of this. 

Thank you for your interest in our service and hopefully you will be letting us store for you in the future.

Why chose YOG

  • The competition has an 8 x 20 garage space available.
  • The vehicle you store may fit in there, may not.
  • Our facility is a large indoor warehouse that can house many vehicles of different types and sizes.
  • The competition does not have valet service and no one checks on the car tires, etc.
  • In a nutshell, the competition can offer you garage space, period.
  • Our prices are reasonable for the services provided.
  • We give a military discount and have a refer a friend program that is available for those who ask.

Easy to Use Service

Our storage for vehicles is indoors. Our storage keeps your vehicles out of the weather and since we have hail, heat, ice and snow it's easier on the paint job. We can take any size car and we also store boats, RVs and motorcycles. We have security cameras that are 24/7 inside and outside the facility.

Our service is a convenient  drop off service.

  1. Submit your reservation.
  2. Drop your keys in the drop box at our facility, along with a copy of your contract
  3. We secure your car and move to our indoor storage facility for long or short term storage.

It doesn't matter if you are dropping off at 1 in the afternoon or 1 in the morning. 

Your car will be parked and the negative on the battery will be disconnected. This practice is recommended by many expert mechanics. Not only is it good for your battery, it is also good for your car. We will check your tire pressure and keep the tires aired during your car's stay.

For your return, simply click our Pick Up tab and reserve a time to come and pick up your vehicle. Notice of at least 24 hours is required so that we can make sure your car is clean and running for you.